A full year of party !

Welcome to this year's Barcelona's Erasmus students ! If you wanna get out with other young people, then you just found the good place !
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 Despite of the well-written instructions

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PostSubject: Despite of the well-written instructions   Sun 21 Oct - 18:06

I could not work out how to upload pictures in here.
and to exasibate (learned this one from Jess ;-)) it tells me
'apple does not support sevimg' or simliar. confused

There's no other way then passing by my blog
bunteanna.blogspot.com sunny

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PostSubject: Re: Despite of the well-written instructions   Tue 23 Oct - 0:27

OMG, it's maybe not so bad that you can't put'em here ...

I look rather like a drunkard (which I am not ! geek ) than uns Romain mit magic Tricks unterhalten ;-) don't I ? Sleep

But I like your comments !

Espacially the one in german.

OK, I don't want to censure those wonderfull pictures, so here I post them :

OK, let's just say I was about to blink ...Razz

But please reassure me : was like that all the night long ?? Shocked

Oh, this one is great, well done ! :

Actually if next time you don't want to let me decide what's on the forum and what's not, you can just copy the adresses of the pictures you put on yor blog, and paste them here, with the code " around it !

But that's gonna be a lot of work ...

Anyway, "thanks" for those ... nice photos ! cheers

It's great we have at last someone who has a camera in the group !

I just wished she had a little more talent to take instant pictures ... tongue
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Despite of the well-written instructions
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