A full year of party !

Welcome to this year's Barcelona's Erasmus students ! If you wanna get out with other young people, then you just found the good place !
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PostSubject: CAPS!!!   Sat 3 Nov - 17:38

Why, this is only the greatest drinking game in the world...

I think I managed to introduce this game to quite a lot of people here, and they seem to like it... (how could you not!)

So for those who haven't got drunk with me (yet) here are the main rules (further notice will be added for variations of the game):

- The game is played with two players who sit facing each other at a chosen distance (settled and agreed by both players). Two bottles (small ones are better) and at least 3 caps are needed (2 flat ones and a folded one), the flat ones are to be placed up side down on the top of each bottle.

-Now that we've settled the game let's turn to the actual playing: the first player takes the folded cap and try to aim and knock the other's flat cap off by throwing it (here various techniques can be used depending on each individual).

-whenever a cap it knocked off, the second player has a last chance to save himself by trying to "answer" as we call it. (yes there are technical terms...) BUT! if he doesn't get it he has to drink... (the quantity shall be agreed before the game starts too).

So these are the main informations you need to play a basic game of Caps, there can be many variations with the rules but I can't be assed to expose them all here and now, so I guess I'll have to show you!
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PostSubject: Re: CAPS!!!   Mon 5 Nov - 1:46

Don't worry we'll not "ass" you do expose anything, you do it very well already Wink

Well ! I think this is a hell of a great Method section, isn't it ?

Nevertheless, everybody assisting to Advanced composition will agree that you should have used the past form all the time long Razz

But that's still a very good explanation of our traditional beer-addicting breton game cheers
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